Aatike Magic Buguri - Flip Top-set of 16

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Weight: 750 gm(s)

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Price: ₹ 590.00

AATIKE’s ‘Magic Buguri’ (Flip wooden Top) is a fascinating top that inverts itself when spinning!! The toys are handcrafted by artisans of Channapatna. They are very bright & colourful spreading happiness to every child who uses it!

How It Works?

The centre of mass does not coincide with the geometrical centre of sphere. This means that when spinning the bulbous top slides over the surface on which it is spinning and this friction and motion causes enough force to 'drive' the spinning top up and over until it is spinning on the stalk. Once on the stalk there are far less sliding forces and the top can now spin stably until it no longer has enough energy to sustain its speed and spin.

This is an Ideal Birthday giveaway gifts that brings in the elements of tradition and childhood memories together. Most importantly, one will be introducing children to traditional Indian toys, games that are simple and inspired from nature!

Note: The colors used are Vegetable colors and are safe for children

Available in:

In Set of 4:   1 Orange Top, 1 Red Top, 1 Yellow Top, 1 Green Top

In Set of 8:   2 Orange Tops, 2 Red Tops, 2 Yellow Tops, 2 Green Tops

In Set of 16: 4 Orange Tops, 4 Red Tops, 4 Yellow Tops, 4 Green Tops

Dimensions: 1"-2", 1"-2"